Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why is my rabbit shedding so much?

my rabbit is about a year and few months old. a few months ago he was shedding a bit and had a bald spot with the hair grown back. now he's shedding a lot more then before and the spot is clean and part greenish. is he molting or is this just normal?Why is my rabbit shedding so much?
most rabbits molt 2x a year but some rabbits have a damage gene which causes them to shed ALL the time. the damaged gene was caused by inbreeding and theres really nothing that can be done about it.

just brush your bunn out and he should be fine. if he starts lossing his fur to were you see his skin you should take him to a vet and make sure he doesn't have mites or behavior problemsWhy is my rabbit shedding so much?
There are a couple of reasons for this.

1. There is a hormone in-balance which is causing your rabbit to moult heavily.

2. He could be suffering from the skin surface mite (Cheyletiella) which comes up as a mild dermatitis with mild red patches and will need treating with a mite injection by your vet

If you take your rabbit to the vet they can do a skin scraping and blood tests to determine the cause in the above cases.

3.Another reason for constant moulting is wrong living conditions caused by stress or by over heating.

If your rabbit lives indoors, central heating can cause stress and heavy un natural moulting.

In this case move the housing to a more suitable area away from central heating and at normal body temperature.
Its probably normal if this isn't the first time its happened but I would watch it carefully and make sure that your rabbit is just shedding and not pulling out the fur in that area. He could have like mites or some kind of skin parasite. But most likely he is just shedding with the changing of the seasons thats what mine do.
Sounds like a molt to me. I got really anxious the first time my rabbit did this too - the longer coat was shedding and leaving the short, darker undercoat in large patches on his sides. It's completely normal though.
he will be molting :) my rabbit did this he might be goin into his winter fur which makes him shed and get thicker fur

hope it make you stop worrying

:) xx
Yes as simple as that.
i think he may be molting. my rabbit is like this at the moment
My rabbit sheds with the changing of the seasons.... yours probably does too.
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